Guth KI-DS Single-seat valves

KI-DS Single-seat valves


Compact and flexible

The single-seat KI-DS valve range is suitable for almost every type of shut-off in modern process plants. Choose the suitable variants for your process from this universal and comprehensive valve modular system. Various upgrade options such as automation are included. This program is in particular characterised by the compact, modular design. Leak-proof process control is also possible by combining several KI-DS valves . 

Variety of types

The KI-DS valve range Includes double-seal single-seat valves, angle seat valves, angle valves, T-valves, cross valves, diverter valves, loop valves and tank outlet valves.

Universal drives with the rotation

Stay flexible: Our modular system always provides you with the right drive for your area of application. Subsequently retrofit to a more powerful actuator? No problem! This is possible at any time without adapters.

The operation of our actuators can be changed by simply turning them: from air-opening-spring-closing to spring-opening-air-closing and vice versa. All Guth actuators have the same installed height. This allows easy connection and optimises the node network.

• Maintenance-free, universal actuators with 5 years long-term warranty

• 4 power-adapted actuators

• Hygienically safe with closed lantern with leakage outlet

• Cavity-free housing with hygienic design

• Extensive modular system

Technical data


DN 25–DN 150, 2″–4″ intermediate flange up to DN 200



SIP 140°C, 30 min SIP 100°C, 30 min SIP 110°C, 30 min SIP 90°C, 30 min

Product-contacting surfaces

Ra ≤ 0.8 µm


in product contact

1.4301 / AISI 304 1.4307 / AISI 304L 1.4404 / AISI 316L


PDA 75 / PDA 100 / PDA 125

Operating pressure

DN 25–100 / 2″–4″ DN 125 DN 150

max. 10 bar max. 6 bar max. 4 bar

Control air

5.5–8 bar lower control air pressures on request

Operating temperature

95° C

Connection variants

S-S two-sided welded connection G-S threaded/welded connection K/M-G cone nut connection/threaded RJT threaded nozzle (special nozzle) as well as intermediate flange designs