Pigging System

LAUFER DMV Pigging System
Hygienic - Modular - Efficient

Process systems cleaned with pigs are becoming increasingly important for hygienic processes. Increased environmental consciousness, costly waste water treatment and product losses, superior hygienic standards and production streamlining are some of the factors speeding adoption of product recovery systems.


  • Minimum product loss
  • Safe separation of product – no mixed phases
  • Faster changeovers
  • Maximum product quality
  • Reduction of time consuming cleaning and waste water generation
  • Environmentally sound systems

Sterile processes pose stringent demands on system components

For these processes we offer DMV pigging systems featuring CIP/SIP LIAG® free flow shutter valves and specifically designed pig launching and receiving stations without dead pockets. Simplifying the modular component design, thread and clamp unions are virtually no longer needed, minimizing typical hygienic risk areas by design. All LIAG® shutter valves, even when welded in place, can be easily disassembled for maintenance.