Progresive Cavity Pumps

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Progressing Cavity Pump

Universally applicable – Progresive cavity pump

Progressing Cavity Pumps can be used in any area of industry where a great variety of different substances must be pumped or very precisely dosed. From low viscosity media to products barely capable of flowing, with or without solid content, shear-sensitive, sticky or abrasive – with the Progressing Cavity Pumps, even difficult substances are conveyed gently and under low pulsation.

In block construction with a flanged drive, this Progressing Cavity Pumps is particularly compact and economical.  also differentiates itself by means of low investment, operating and maintenance costs. Four rotor/stator geometries are available to cover a broad spectrum of products and applications. Contact us and we will help you find the optimal solution for your particular application.


Features of progressing Cavity Pump


  • continuous low-pulsation conveyance unaffected by fluctuations in pressure and viscosity
  • conveyance volume in proportion to rotation speed with high dosing precision over the entire rotational-speed range
  • high pressure capability without valves
  • location of the mechanical seal directly under the intake port in the pumping space makes external flushing of the seal unnecessary in many applications
  • short drive shaft and pump lantern offer high stability for mechanical seal installation
  • separate flange bearing and pump base make it easy to change the stator. 

Advantages of Progressing Cavity Pump


  • variable modular system
  • various rotor/stator geometries and a large spectrum of materials
  • robust and compact block construction
  • the right joint for any application
  • standard mechanical seal, other seals optional

Progressing Cavity Pumps offer you:


  • gentle product conveyance
  • pump connections in accordance with national and international standards, as well as in specially designed models
  • easy serviceability